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What our customers are saying…

The best customer is a happy customer. The success of our company lies with happy and satisfied customers. Read what ours have to say about us!

I wanted to thank Barefoot Organics for the fantastic results in my backyard. I had a great yard for years but noticed a dramatic falloff in appearance with weeds and bare spots while using my previous yard vendor. Since Barefoot Organics started servicing my yard, well the pictures tell the tale. Thanks for great service, attention and support. No weeds, no dead spots and no complaints.

My wife and I just had our first baby. As he learns to crawl / run around I feel better about having an organic product in my yard that I know is safe for his skin!

I hadn’t had time to clear the leaves in my yard, and wanted to recognize your tech for doing so!! Great Customer Service is so hard to find these days, but not with your company. Thank you!!!

With over 2000 aeration’s successfully completed the last three years, I can easily say that Barefoot Organics has the nicest lawns of any we’ve seen. Every lawncare company can get rid of weeds, but it takes a owner who has pride in his business to really stand out in the crowd. Most lawns in Georgia are very dense with clay. Underneath the 2 inches of sod, compacted clay can greatly affect the quality and aesthetic appearance of your lawn. The plugs that are left on the surface after aeration are dense and red. Barefoot Lawn’s have plugs that are heavy in organic matter and have a rich, black hue to them. These plugs fall apart almost immediately. Many of these lawns have the appearance of a golf course green. I encourage anyone to browse the website. These pictures truly tell the story.

I really like what you did today! Thank you very much! I’m excited to see what my lawn is going to look like this year.

Your team today was very responsive and courteous. … I appreciate that. …. looking forward to being a customer…..

I appreciate the efforts of you and your team.

I was very impressed with your people when they applied the first lawn application. Ruan introduced himself, as well as made sure that we only wanted all natural products to treat the weeds before he treated them. I have not EVER received this kind of customer service from any other lawn company I have used. Thank you for your excellence!

The transformation in my yard was incredible. After Barefoot Organics top dressed my yard, it literally came to life. Quite a remarkable product

Jeff Britton is great to work with. Follows up and does what he says he going to do and explains it to me.

We have had some indoor plants for a few years and they just weren’t doing so good since we moved from Florida. We tried your Nutrient Boost on them and in one day they have come back to full life. Your products really work great!

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