A Host of Compost Benefits

We call our premium compost “black gold.”  It is a fantastic natural source of organic matter and benevolent micro-organisms for your yard. Barefoot Organics compost is healthy food for your lawn! It will support strong root development and encourage nutrient renewal for a healthy environment in the root zone. Our well-balanced humus has the energy values your grass and landscaping need. Feeding your soil a healthy diet that promotes a hearty root system will give you a beautiful, green lawn. As will all BFO programs, we do not use synthetics or harsh chemicals in our lawn composting program. Check out all these compost benefits!  1. Improve soil structure Soil structure specifically refers to the way inorganic particles, such as sand, silt and clay, combine with decayed organic particles like humus. Soil with a healthy structure is crumbly to the touch, allowing plenty of room for air, water and energy to move freely. Adding compost to your yard helps to neutralize pH and improve the soil’s ability to hold the nutrients plants use to grow and thrive. If you’ve had trouble getting certain plants to grow around your home, poor soil structure may be to blame. When soil is hard and clay-like or loose and sandy, young roots have to struggle to get through and obtain the nutrients they need for healthy growth. When used in sufficient quantities, adding compost has both immediate and long-term positive impacts on soil structure by adding humus proteins. These proteins bind soil particles together, allowing the soil to resist compaction and increasing its ability to hold moisture and nutrients. 2. Increase nutrient content When organic material starts breaking down to form compost, the decomposition process produces the best fertilizer you’ll [...]

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The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

What’s more organic than a lush green lawn? Well, thanks to the synthetic fertilizers and secret formula weed-killers regularly dumped on lawns across the country, a lot of things. Nature already provides everything we need to make our lawns beautiful. So why does the Environmental Protection Agency estimate that cumulatively, U.S. households dump nearly 90 million pounds of herbicides and pesticides on their lawns every year, mostly made up of mystery chemicals? The conventional lawn care industry has convinced thousands of homeowners that the only way to get gorgeous grass is to apply synthetic fertilizer three or four times a season. Not only is that a little excessive, it’s also usually more harm to the environment than it is good. You (and your neighbors) will be surprised to discover that you can have a thick, lush swath of green without toxic treatments. You’ve already gone organic in the kitchen with your milk and your produce… why not try it in the yard? Consider these benefits… More eco-friendly Synthetic fertilizers and combination fertilizer-herbicides are chemically processed into a concentrated, water-soluble feed that are available to plants immediately. But when there is more than the grass can take up, the excess washes out of the root zone and into our watersheds. Every summer in the Gulf of Mexico, an area roughly the size of Connecticut is choked with vast algae and phytoplankton blooms, due in part to the tons of fertilizer runoff from the Mississippi River. As the algae dies and decomposes, it uses up water’s oxygen, making the area uninhabitable for sea life. The source of the pollution is so widespread that several continental states and Canadian provinces have imposed bans on phosphorous fertilizers. More people-friendly [...]

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