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Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

Enhancing and protecting the plants around your home is a priority for most. Our Organic Lawn Care Program offers tree and shrub treatment services that are based on a completely chemical free approach that takes the same philosophy and product choices into consideration as our completely chemical free lawn care program.

An Organic Tree and Shrub Program Consists of:

Compost is the best source of organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms to feed your trees and shrubs.  This program consists of two compost applications (spring/fall) applied around the drip zone of your tree and shrubs (feed up to 100 tree/shrubs).  
Also, best if Compost PLUS is applied prior to new mulch or pine straw being added.
Benefits of our Tree & Shrub Program:
  • Increases plants resistance to environment extreme (heat, drought, cold)
  • Stimulates root growth, root development and enhances root architecture
  • Enhances photosynthetic capacity of plants
Our Compost PLUS is perfect for gardens, flowers and for those problem areas in your yard (pet spots).
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