There are only a few more weeks of winter to go! Then it will be our favorite time of year again… time to tend to the lawn! This is an overview of some of our organic lawn care services. Choose from our specially designed programs or mix and match services to build a lawn care regimen that works for you!


Aeration is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of soil from the lawn to improve growth. Lawn thatch is the layer of dead turf between the green vegetation and the soil surface that must be removed to maintain lawn health. A thin layer of thatch is desirable because it helps insulate roots from extreme heat and cold but it can also stifle growth. Aeration breaks up compacted Georgia clay, allowing air, water, and nutrients to move to the root system more efficiently. It prevents compaction and promotes new root buds. With repeat aerations over time, your lawn will be healthier, easier to maintain and have fewer pest problems.

Organic Pest Control

Fire ants, fleas and ticks are all pesky bugs that like to make their homes in our lawns. Ridding your lawn of these pests before spring is a wise decision to make but doing so with dangerous synthetic pesticides can be just as unsafe for you and your family as an angry fire ant pile. We use pesticides derived from organic elements like citrus, natural oils and vinegar that are effective, safe for your lawn and safe for your family.

Barefoot Organic Premium Compost

Compost is “black gold”. It is the best source of organic matter and beneficial micro-organisms for your yard. Our compost program consists of two annual dry and wet compost applications as well as aeration. BFO Premium Compost is food for your soil made entirely of natural materials that sends nutrients straight to the root zone. Our well-balanced humus has the energy values your grass and plants need. Feeding your soil a product made free from harsh chemicals will give you a more self-maintaining green lawn.

Multistep Programs

When converting from a chemical approach or starting a lawn maintenance program for the first time, we strongly suggest you start with something like our Platinum Program. The Bee Safe Organic Platinum Program is an all-inclusive premiere program that is golf course and pro sports field quality. We truly believe this program is all of the best in the professional lawn care industry has to offer! This program also includes an application of our BFO Premium Compost.